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The payments industry is complex. It is also very powerful and valuable, hosting a massive volume of transactions. It is therefore crucial for you to stay on top of things and you need to focus on the right challenges to remain cost-efficient and innovative.

Managing and balancing all the elements of a difficult payment or mobile payment project is a key responsibility and can determine success or failure. Further to excellent management skills, you need to be able to invest the right amount of time, successfully deal with unexpected challenges, have a holistic view and a profound knowledge of payment technologies and the ecosystem.

Ascente’s approach is personal and efficient. Based on field-proven expertise, we support the payments industry with:

Technical consulting

At each stage of your payment project, we advise card and terminal vendors, mobile app providers, processors, acquiring banks, issuing banks and payment networks with the delivery of market-leading payment products and solutions.

Helping you close the gap between business and technology by providing practical advice, from the conceptual phase through to implementation. We help organizations evaluate, prototype and design new business concepts, develop innovative products and services or test complex payment systems.

We know about mobile payments. And we know about the enabling technologies such as NFC, HCE, TSM. Moreover, we understand who is involved, what their roles are and how they all interact. We’re naturals and we can help you create viable mobile payments solutions that are conform to global standards such as EMV and proprietary or domestic protocols.


Whether you need to refresh your existing knowledge or need new information, our training courses provide you an in-depth understanding of all technical aspects within the payment and mobile payment domains. Ascente has a set of readily available courses to help you master:

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